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May’s most-popular links: Social social social social porn porn porn blog blog community – Joe Murphy

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May’s most-popular links: Social social social social porn porn porn blog blog community

These are the links from my reading list that got the most clicks in May (along with any notes I wrote on the link, or sometimes a quote from the linked article) … there’s a four-way tie for the fifth slot, so all are included.

  1. A billionaire’s guide to stopping “theft” of your online newspaper content… : “Yet, I feel bad for Mr. Zell, having spent $8 billion dollars on the Los Angeles Times and Chicago Tribune and barely having any technical knowledge of how the Internets work. To help him out, I’ve written an easy how to guide for stopping “theft” of your online newspaper content …”
  2. Arizona Database Information: Well, that’s a surprise.
  3. The Blog is the New Resume : Two weeks after I posted this link I got a job inquisition as a result of this blog. No joke.
  4. Trend: Social Networking passes Porn : “An interesting statistic from this week’s print version of The Economist: social networking sites will soon overtake porn as the most visited properties on the Web in the U.S.”
  5. Some Community Tips for 2007
  6. Let your community be your ombudsman: “Here’s my solution: Start a “criticism blog.” Put all those questioning and critical letters in the blog, and like a blog quote and respond. Fisk the letters if necessary. Open up comments on each post. Encourage a dialogue about the issues raised by the letters.”
  7. How Aggregate Displays Change User Behavior: “A fascinating study demonstrates how simply displaying aggregate data like Top 10 lists heavily influences the way people make decisions on social web sites.”
  8. How to take digital photos through a microscope

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