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October 2008′s most-clicked posts to the link list: Data scraping, design experts, copy editors, killing the article, local.

These are the blog posts and articles people were clicking on off my online journalism-oriented reading list from October 2008. For some reason, seven articles got the exact-same number of clicks (15).

  1. Data Scraping Wikipedia with Google Spreadsheets
  2. Two Things Design Experts Do That Novices Don’t
  3. That’s the Press, Baby: What Copy Editors Do: Good prose in the blog post — interesting anti-copy-editor points in the comments too: “The problem for copy editors is that their job consists of catching other people’s slipups — because to err is human — and thus it seems unseemly to go around pointing out what we do. It makes others look bad, and it’s a lot more fun to talk about investigations we want to do. But then owners and business managers look at pages and headlines and say, oh, that’s all that copy editors do. The Times of India has pages and headlines too. Hey, let’s save money!”
  4. Looking ahead, local will be the big media winner
  5. Mainstream News Outlets Start Linking to Other Sites – Well how ’bout that.
  6. “The article is not the story”
  7. The building block of journalism is no longer the article: “The old building block of journalism — the article — is proving to be inadequate in the current onslaught of news. I’ll argue here that the new building block is the topic.”
  8. Let’s Be Serious: Online Display Ads Will Fall Sharply In 2009
  9. The New AP

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